Windows XP being shut down, users urged to upgrade operating system soon

PHOENIX - If you're like me, you still have Windows XP running on a home computer.

And why not? It still gets the job done.

Well Microsoft says they are making room for bigger, better products, and XP is on its way out the door.

Beginning April 8, the software giant will stop all technical assistance and security updates for Windows XP.

That means your computer likely won't be able to run newer programs.

And it makes your PC one big security risk---leaving you vulnerable to viruses and malware.

So what can you do?

Microsoft recommends that you try to upgrade to one of their newer systems.

If your computer is too old to upgrade, it may be time to check out newer computers.

Just can't give up your old PC?

You can still use it, but experts say be very careful with using the internet for anything sensitive. Because you won't have nearly the same protection.

Microsoft says all of its operating system are designed with an end date in mind.

This time it's XP. In a few years, it will be Vista. And after that, Windows 7.

They call it a lifecycle, I call it more money out of my pocket.

So when will your operating system become obsolete? You can find that out here.

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