Valley woman sues Spirit Airlines for lost luggage

PHOENIX - It's always nice to be able to report a good follow up story.

Last summer, we were introduced to Michelle Cole.

She and her daughter flew to Houston for a visit, when they faced every travelers worst nightmare--lost luggage.

A claim was filed, but Spirit Airlines denied it because her husband notarized it.

She filed a second claim, with a different notary and they didn't honor that either.

When she let me know about it, we went to Spirit and they even refused to give her back the baggage fees she paid.

But she didn't back down.

"I went to Better Business Bureau, The Department of Transportation. And I got nowhere with them," said Michelle.
That's when she started checking with attorneys--and they told her she'd have a good case in court.

Because of the amount of her claim, she was able to file in small claims court.

And she won -- a judgment of $1,924.96. Weeks later she received a check in the mail from Spirit for the full amount.

While the win in the court room is nice, Michelle says she's claimed an even more important victory.

"It's gone past just the money issue. It's right," she said.

Small claims court might be a good option if you've got a claim of less than $3,500.

It is designed to be simple enough for you to fill out forms on your own and represent yourself.

While the folks there cannot give legal advice, Michelle says they were really helpful.

Find out how to begin the process here.

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