Valley truck owner finally gets repairs done after Chrysler issues recall notice

PHOENIX - What if you knew your car had a safety recall that could cause an accident, but you couldn't get it repaired?

One Valley woman said she's been dealing with it for months. Now, she is finally getting her repairs fixed.

We first talked to Anica back in September. She was worried about her two Dodge Ram 1500 trucks.

The recall notices she received said " the rear axle pinion nut could loosen and/or the rear drive shaft separate from the rear axle."

Anica said she has taken it into the repair shop, but the employees told her that the replacement parts weren't ready. Anica said it's been going on for a year.

Chrysler tells ABC15 that "sufficient time was needed for engineers to design and validate the appropriate replacement parts."

Anica said she was worried about getting into a possible accident if the repairs weren't fixed. Thankfully that never happened.

Two other Ram 1500 truck owners emailed us after Anica's story initially aired saying they had accidents that they believe are related to the recall issue

Those owners' repair orders show that the drive shafts "fell off" and that the "pinion nut" was "backing off" on their vehicles.

Neither owner was injured, but both said they tried to get the issues repaired and were told "they do not have the parts."

Looking for a bit of good news, Anica will finally get her truck repaired.

We were with her two months ago when the second of her two trucks got the recall fix.

This is a Chrysler issue, not a dealer issue.

In these accounts, dealers wanted to make the repairs, but were unable to without the proper parts and instructions.

In a statement, Chrysler said "not all vehicles affected by recalls will experience problems. Nevertheless, all vehicles that may be susceptible will benefit from free repairs."  

The company also said that they "regret any inconvenience."  

Find out if your car has a safety recall issue.

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