Valley residents face extreme heat with no A/C for days

A lot of us deal with these record breaking temperatures by staying inside and cranking up the A/C.

But in Tempe, some people don't have that option. They say being outside feels better than being inside their apartments.

They live at the Santa Fe Court Apartments in Tempe, and let me know they haven't had air conditioning for days.

We talked to one resident, Kathi, who said she hasn't had A/C since Thursday night.

It felt like an oven in her apartment.

Kathi said she was at the doctor for dehydration.

She has seven fans on high, and water bottles stacked all around. "Normally we sit around in almost nothing, hop in a cold shower, get out, hop in, get out," she said.

And she said her calls for help have gone nowhere. "I've called them, every morning for 5 days to say I have no A/C. They say they're working on it."

Everyone we talked with at the complex told us the same story.

Some installed window A/C units to get by.

One woman showed me rashes on her baby she said started when the A/C went out.

Tenants can't even use the pool to cool off because it's closed.

We approached someone in the complex office.

He told us he was working on the problem and wanted us to leave the property. He would not tell us why the A/C had been out for so long.

Calls to several numbers listed for the management and owners were not returned.

We let the City of Tempe know about the situation. They acted quickly.

A fire department assistant chief went door to door at the complex asking if anyone needed help or a place to stay. Also, a city inspector was there and issued a notice of violation.

Around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, one tenant said she was starting to feel colder air coming out of the A/C vent.

Unfortunately, we talked with several other tenants who said at that time, the A/C was still not working in their apartments.

If you have similar problems, fire officials say don't wait. You can call your city's non-emergency fire department right away.

They should be able to provide emergency services and a place for you to stay.

Arizona Tenants Advocates can help you with tenants issues and knowing your rights.

Also, the Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department can help advise tenants no matter where you live in the Valley.

Email me with any consumer issue you face or "like" my LetJoeKnow  Facebook page and tell me about it there.


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