Valley mom gets help tracking down missing Christmas gifts

PHOENIX - We're half way through January, but some people are still haven't received their Christmas gifts.

Valley mom Patricia Ruckert, of Phoenix, let me know about her experience after she ordered her kids' gifts online.

When she adopted her three children, she wanted to make sure every holiday was special.

"Christmas in our home is about Christ, and that's a celebration for our family and a celebration has gifts," said Patricia.

But last month's celebration almost didn't happen.

She ordered presents from the discount website

But Christmas came and went and the gifts never made it.

At first she chalked up the delay to the holiday rush, but when she tried contacting the company for a refund she says she couldn't get in touch with anyone.

She tried getting them by phone but got a recording instead.

"They say on their message 'due to overwhelming business at, we are unable to answer the phone. Send an email. Get ahold of us on Facebook,'" said Patricia.

So she posted her concern on their Facebook page, but says the comment vanished.

That's when she got really concerned, and wondered if the company was even real.

So she let me know, here's what I found out.

A quick internet search shows is real, but has many complaints online ranging from delivery problems to damaged goods.  

So we dug deeper.

Company spokesman Cliff Schneider says they have many happy customers, but he admits to challenges keeping up with customer complaints during the holidays.  

And that negative Facebook post Patricia claims disappeared, he says their policy is to hide negative posts and contact the customer directly.

Cliff says they emailed Patricia and that the packages weren't delivered because the U.S. Postal Service said her address is undeliverable.

Patricia says she did get an email--days after her initial complaint. She also says the address she provided was correct.

Turns out, they were both right. Sort of.

We contacted the USPS.

They say the address was correct, but since Patricia normally uses a P.O. Box, her carrier thought the house was vacant and returned the boxes to the company.

In the end, Patricia got all of her money back.

Thanks to for that.

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