Top 6 complaints about Valley homeowners associations

We asked about your HOA experiences, and you answered.

On the Let Joe Know Facebook page and in emails, a lot of you have strong feelings.

They either do too much like this post: " HOA's were never from day one primarily intended to benefit the property owners."

Or they don't do enough. "Our neighbors are building a structure that is in clear violation of the C, C and R's."

We're currently trying to help homeowners in different parts of the Valley deal with their HOA issues.

In South Phoenix, it involves homeowners not knowing where their fees really go.

They complain about maintenance in their common areas.

And they say they don't even know when the HOA board meets or who is part of it.

There was one positive comment.

One woman said "I like our HOA. I guess I'm the lucky one."

But, it was quickly followed with another comment.

"Don't count yourself lucky too soon. Every HOA is just one vote away from hellish nightmares."

Most of the HOA comments were negative, but also constructive.

Homeowners seemed to want to make their communities better.

E-mail me about your HOA concerns or any other issue. You can also "like" my Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about it there.

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