Target email: What's being offered with free credit monitoring after data breach?

If you're a Target shopper, you may have received an email offering free credit monitoring after the company's data breach.

Well, some of you are letting me know you're concerned about the email and what you're really getting.

Jeanette writes, "I just received this email and I'm assuming it's a scam."

"I'm hesitant to go to this website and enter the information needed to receive that protection," Sally admitted.

The email came from the Target CEO and offers "one year of free credit monitoring to all Target guests."

Seventy million people could have had debit and credit card information stolen during the recent breach.

Well, the email is legit.

It's posted on Target's website.

The credit monitoring is through Experian and offers among other things, a credit report, a $1 million insurance policy if you're affected, and daily credit monitoring for a year.

It will warn of newly opened accounts in your name, new inquiries and more.

Some financial experts say the monitoring won't help much because Social Security numbers needed to open other accounts weren't stolen in this breach.

Instead, card numbers and and addresses were involved.

That means you must protect yourself by constantly monitoring your bank account activity if you used a debit card.

If you used a credit card, check your statements, and do it more than just once a month.

You do have to give your Social Security number to sign up and the monitoring is only free for a year.

Check out what the Federal Trade Commission says about ID theft protection and what a credit freeze would mean for you:

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