Take the ID theft quiz and learn how to protect yourself

I'm constantly getting calls and emails about identity theft and scammers trying to get information from you. The good news is, many people are writing before giving out that information.

The best protection is being very careful with how you give out your financial and other personal information. That's hard when we're online so often, but as a general rule, never give out any information to unsolicited callers or emails.

You have no idea where that information is really going.

If you get a text, email or call about a bank account, don't call the number or click the link listed. That's how scammers get you. Instead, if you think there's an issue, call the business at it's real number and ask. Remember to check your credit history online for free three times a year at Annual Credit Report.

You can also take the ID theft quiz offered by the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

If you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know at joe@abc15.com or by going to my  "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.


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