Small businesses can't get money back from Super 3 Expo home improvement show

You pay for something, sign a contract, and suddenly, the business changes the terms.

And then, they won't give you the money back!

Phoenix businessman, Bob Rieser, let me know that he signed up for the AZ Home Renovation and DIY Show at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Bob said that home expo shows have been good for his new business, Go Green Best Price Water Systems.

He signed up for the expo that had been scheduled for May.

But then the expo changed dates to July and again to August.

Bob asked for his $1,025 back, but the expo has not returned it.

We aired a story last month about the issue. Since then, there have been a number of new developments.

Bob got an email from Super 3 Expo president, Chris Mason, that said, "We agreed if Channel 15 reported on the Super 3 Expo, and you were on there, you will not a get a refund but a summons."

Jenny Olds also let me know she signed up for an even earlier expo that was also postponed.

She owns Home Comfort Care and said she gave Super 3 Expo more than $500 for April dates.

She said she can't get her money back either.

This means, the same Home Renovation show postponed from April, to May, to July is now scheduled for August.

But in all that time, the Phoenix Convention Center said it only received one deposit. And that check bounced.

A Convention Center spokesperson said the Super 3 Expo has until the end of June to send a deposit with a signed contract for the August dates.

Both Jenny and Bob question if it's ever going to happen.

We went to the Super 3 Expo headquarters in Phoenix. Instead of getting any money back for the vendors, the property owner kicked us off the property.

Both small business owners said the money is a fortune to them. They believe Super 3 Expo broke their contracts by changing the dates.

In one email to Jenny, Chris Mason said they have "over 400 vendors to deal with."

If each paid at least $500, as Jenny did, that's $200,000. Yet in an email to her recently, Super 3 Expo said they're "experiencing financial difficulties."

Jenny said she got money back by complaining to her credit card company but said she got nothing from Super 3 Expo.

Both Bob and Jenny said they complained to the Arizona Attorney General's office. But so far, they say the office has offered them no help.

Super 3 Expo's Chris Mason said his deposit has to be sent by the end of the month, and he has "investment" coming.

We'll let you know what happens.

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