Refunds offered after supplement makers accused of false health claims

A lot of us want to lose weight fast. It's a $61 Billion industry, and diet pills are a big part of it.

So are false claims.

That's what the Federal Trade Commission ruled about the supplements, Accelis and Nanoslim.

A lot of people bought them after claims of  "lose 32 pounds fast" or "scientifically proven to increase the body's metabolism." The FTC said those claims were not proven.

If you bought Cold MD, Germ MD or Allergy MD, the FTC said their claims of prevention are also unproven.

You can get a refund if you bought any of these products. The deadline is April 1, 2013.

Folks, if something says lose weight fast, run! Actually, that's how you do lose weight by running, exercising and eating less.

Remember the Acai berry that made magical weight loss promises???

We talked to a Valley man who wanted to believe he could lose 30 pounds in 30 days as promised.

But, the FTC ruled against that supplement maker, and a number of other Acai berry supplements stating their claims don't hold up.

The other issue is how they're sold online with a low price or free trial offer.

Many times, credit cards are charged much more.

So, think seriously about the product claims before buying. There's no way a company can make any money if they're just giving away their products for free.

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