Phoenix wedding video business Urbane Wedding Media disappears and takes brides' memories with them

Imagine it's your wedding day and the business you hired to take your wedding video doesn't show up.

Or if they do show up, you can't get the video!

That's what dozens of Valley couples are going through right now.

They each hired Urbane Wedding Media of Phoenix and the company seems to have disappeared.

Chloe Branciforte hired Urbane Wedding Media to take her engagement pictures and liked what she saw.

But Chloe says she also hired the company to take video of her wedding.

A videographer did show up. But she says months after her wedding, she still can't get that video.

Kristina Coyle of Chandler has the same issue. She did get a short video, but it made no sense.

"Random pieces, our feet, the crowd, no actual vows, no sound or any of that," she says.

Jaclyn Moran says she liked the engagement pictures Urbane took.

But Jaclyn also hired Urbane for her wedding video.

Her wedding is coming up in November and she's concerned Urbane will be a no show.

And she's got good reason to feel that way.

We found the phone number for Urbane has been disconnected. The business website is also down.

And we visited 3 addresses listed for Urbane and the person who ran the company, Chad Koerber. They were either sold or didn't exist.

The company seems to have vanished, taking the bride's money and memories with them.

Online, dozens of brides blame Urbane for nearly ruining their big day.

One bride said "Two days before my wedding, I had no videographer. You should be ashamed. I cried so much."

Another said "no videographer showed up on my wedding day.  An incredible amount of stress before my wedding."

The Better Business Bureau has 47 complaints involving Urbane in the last year.

"How could someone do this? I was sad and angry. I didn't know what to think and was out $1,250," Jaclyn says.

She doesn't know now if she can afford to pay a different videographer for her wedding.

Kristina says they are memories she can't get back. She says pictures alone don't capture the emotion of the day.

"You pay all this money and put all this time into it and we have no video to show for it," she says.

"My heart sank. I said oh my gosh. I'm so angry. I did all this research and all I was supposed to and it still turned out like this," Chloe says.

Kristina and Chloe are hoping their raw video still exists somewhere.

So, if Chad Koerber or anyone else connected with Urbane Wedding Video sees this, let's make things right.

Just bring the raw video to ABC15 and drop if off at the front desk, no questions asked.

I'll make sure it gets to the right people. If anybody knows where Mr. Koerber or Urbane employees may be, please email me and let me know.

And if you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know at or by going to my  "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.


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