Old Xbox can't handle new games, early models need additional storage

PHOENIX - Grand Theft Auto 5 is so popular, it broke six Guinness world records for sales.

But if you have an older Xbox, you may not be happy with your game purchase.

Dave Allen bought the game hoping to play it on his first generation Xbox.

But he says the game would not load.

Allen's Xbox said the disc was unreadable.

"It acted basically as if there was no disc in the tray at all," Allen said.

But when a friend loaned him this newer Xbox, he says the new game played fine.

There are many similar complaints online concerning pre-2009 Xboxes.

A Microsoft spokesman says the new game "pushes the limits of older Xboxes," and says it "requires 8 gigs of free space," which many older units don't have.

Rockstar Games, which makes Grand Theft Auto 5, offers several solutions on its website that include adding an external hard drive or flash drive, and installing it there.   

Some Xbox owners say they've found ways around the problem including unplugging the console and clearing the Xbox's data cache.

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