New text message scam can get into your bank account

If robocalls weren't bad enough, now scammers are turning to text messaging at all hours to get to you.

Most text scams tell you that you won a contest or offer you a deal. Those are the ones that are easy to spot.

But, one viewer wrote to let me know about a text message that might look legitimate enough to put you at risk.

It's from "Card Services Alerts" and says, "Your debit has been deactivated" and gives you a 480 area code phone number to call. Cindy in Mesa sent it to me.

If you call the number, Cindy tells me an automated service comes on, saying "you have reached the card activation center."

And, guess what it asks for? It wants you to enter your 16-digit debit card number.

Cindy decided to test it out. She entered 16 random digits, she said, and was then prompted to enter an expiration date…and then a security code. It was everything these scammers would need to charge whatever they wanted to your debit card.

Of course, you wouldn't give that information, right?

Banks and credit card companies will not notify you of problems by text message. And they will not ask you for your personal information that way.

If you get a similar text, and you think it might be legitimate, don't answer it, Instead call your bank directly and find out if your account has been deactivated in the first place.

If you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know by email or "liking" my Facebook page and telling me about it there.

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