Let Joe Know: Valley restaurant says new bus stop placement is killing business

With the expansion of the light rail system in northern Phoenix, business are being hurt. The road is under construction, and access to the restaurants and shops is limited.

At Uncle Tony's New York Pizza, there's another issue.

The restaurant is located on 19th Avenue and Northern Ave. The city located a temporary bus stop in front of the business.

Luan Spahiu is the owner of the restaurant. He said most of the riders sit in front of the building, but some sit on the building itself.

Joe Pulire works at the restaurant. He said riders drop trash there throughout the day. "They throw it on the ground. They get on the bus and they leave," he said.

So, about every 20 minutes every day, Luan puts on his gloves and collects the garbage. "I feel filthy, nasty. I don't know how these people can do this," he said.

Joe said customers are avoiding Uncle Tony's because it looks too messy.

And he let me know.

I went to Albert Santana, the Phoenix Light Rail Project Administrator.

He and Valley Metro's Howard Steere, said they were aware of the issue. It's one of many in that area.

They say they tried putting plastic garbage bags around, but that didn't solve the problem.

So, the city moved the bus stop 30 feet from Uncle Tony's restaurant.

They added a bench and a large box for trash that is emptied daily.

So now, most of the riders and their trash are much further away from Uncle Tony's. Luan said it's made his business appear a lot cleaner.

Now, he hopes the customers come back and that his and other businesses can hang in there while the construction continues.

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