Let Joe Know: Valley man taken for ride after motorcycle deal changes

When Russell Wildey needed a new motorcycle, it had to be a Harley.

He spent a lot of time choosing the exact model.

A number of factors helped make his final decision. One of them was the windshield.

Russell says "I'm getting too old to dodge bugs and stuff."

The Sun City man is 76, and he clearly loves riding.

What he didn't love was what happened after he paid for his new bike. He paid all $13,370 in cash on the spot.

That's great for businesses, but it wasn't good for Russell.

Instead of delivering the Harley, the dealer delivered some bad news. They said Russell owed another $1,000.

Now, I checked out the contract. It clearly shows the price and the remaining balance shows zero.

But, the dealer made Russell choose a different bike that cost a thousand dollars less.

Russell says that bike wouldn't start when he got it. He had to call a towing service and have the bike towed back to the dealer.

And he still couldn't get the bike he says he paid for.

"What can I do? He's got my money. He's still got the motorcycles."

Russell was so frustrated, he came down to the ABC15 headquarters with his paperwork.

We took it from there and contacted Arrowhead Harley-Davidson where he bought the bike.

It didn't take long. After we gave them all the information we had, the dealership gave Russell his bike.

And Russell was back on the road.

The dealership later told me that after the cash had been counted, for some reason, $1,000 was missing.

But ultimately, they agreed, that wasn't Russell's issue.

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