Let Joe Know: How to control what employers might find out about you online

I know you've "Googled" your name before, right?

Well, I did it recently, and from what I'm hearing, I'm pretty lucky.

I didn't see any negative entries near the top of the search.

So if I were looking for a job, employers wouldn't be able to hold much against me. And employers are searching online trying to find more about job seekers.

We found a study showing 75 percent of employers "Google" their job candidates because they are required to.

Patrick Ambron is the CEO of brandyourself.com and says he can help you put your best online foot forward.

"We're tracking everything for you so we can tell you, 'Hey, your LinkedIn profile fell off your first page, log on and do this.' Or, "Hey, something weird showed up on your first page of Google, you should come in and take action.'"

His site can also tell you who is Googling you, Ambron says.

It's a trend universities are taking notice of in order to prep their students for their job searches.

Mark Presnell is the director of the career center at Johns Hopkins University.

"Google will find you. And Google will find both the positive and negative things. You want that first page on Google in particular to be very clean," Presnell says.

Johns Hopkins now offers brandyourself.com free to its students to help clean up and manage their online presence.

But your best protection is being very careful about what you put online.

Watch every tweet and every Facebook post just in case, somehow, someone in a hiring position is looking for you.

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