Let Joe Know: Desert Mountain High School cheer team wants money back from bus company

The Desert Mountain High School Cheer team is good. It's really good.

The team was number one in the state. And in March, they traveled to California to compete in a national competition.

To get there, the Cheer Booster Club hired a bus service, Divine Transportation in Phoenix.

They'd used Divine before with no problems. But they say this time, there was a big issue.

The Booster Club paid $795 a day for four days. They paid $3,180 in advance.

The contract appears to show the bus would be there each day by showing "return to pickup" and "depart from destination" each of the four days.

Sherry says the cheer squad wanted to practice while there at an offsite place away from the hotel and the competition.

But she says that didn't happen. Once the team was dropped off in Anaheim on Thursday, the bus driver headed back to Arizona. He only came back to pick the team up on Sunday.

So they had no access to the bus while they were there.

Sherry let me know she wanted part of her money back since she paid for two days that were never used.

Divine Transportation agreed to an interview about this. But once we got to their offices, they refused to do an on-camera interview.

Instead, Divine management told me Sherry agreed the bus wasn't needed on Friday or Saturday while there.

Sherry says that was never the intent. She did write an email to Divine saying she would only need the bus on Sunday. But she says that's because she didn't know the schedule yet for the other days there.

"They said could you just give us the itinerary for first day and last day and you can work with the bus driver for those other two days."

Even though the contract states the booster club was charged by day, and shows pickup and drop-offs each day, Divine refused to give the booster club any money back.

Divine says despite how the contract is written, it is a full price contract, not daily.

Sherry says that money was hard earned by the cheer squad through fundraising events.

Despite the bus problem, the team earned a second place in the national competition.

Congratulations Desert Mountain Cheer team!

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