Let Joe Know: Air Force Sgt. gets money back after buying car

When you serve your country, you deservedly get certain perks.

So when a local Air Force sergeant couldn't get a tax break he deserved, he let me know about it.

We're talking about a few hundred dollars here, so he really wanted that money.

Matthew Golitko bought a new car and spent a lot on it.

He knows that as full-time military personnel, he wouldn't have to pay the vehicle license tax.

In his case it was $483 and he planned on using that money to pay off something he added to the car.

But Golitko didn't have an easy time getting that money.

He and the car dealer disagree on whose fault it is.

Golitko says he ended up going back and forth between the dealer and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

He says he almost gave up. Then we got involved because bottom line, Golitko should get what he's due.

We took the dispute to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

They looked through the paperwork and in a short amount of time, they had good news.

They were able to work out the issues and a check for the full amount ended up in a very happy Golitko's hands.

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