iTunes, Organix, Nasal Ease settle lawsuits which may mean money for you

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Ok, so you're playing Candy Crush on your iPhone and you buy a lollipop hammer to get further in the game.

You know what I'm talking about.

Well, if your child bought it, you may get some of that money back.

Candy Crush is free to download. But it's been reported that the game still makes hundreds of thousands of dollars daily.

"The most popular apps on iTunes and most profitable are those that are free or very inexpensive but allow you to buy gems or tokens or new fish or farming equipment within the game itself," says Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions.

Hardy says you spend money to get those extras.

But a class action lawsuit alleges Apple didn't make that clear enough.

"So people would download thinking it was free and then get hit up to buy something repeatedly. Some of these games make it impossible to get past a certain level unless you buy," Hardy says.

If your minor child made in-game purchases without your knowledge before May of this year, you may be due some money back.

It's part of Apple settling the class action suit.

You could get cash or iTunes credits. Many games are included, but you have to file a claim by January 13.

Find out if your game is on the iTunes settlement list.

Read more about the iTunes settlement.

If you don't play iTunes games, you can still get up to $28 back if you use Organix skin and hair care.

A class action suit alleged the products were not wholly organic as claimed.

Read more about the Organix settlement.

Finally, Nasal Ease nasal spray is offering a full refund to some buyers.

"Nasal ease is one of those homeopathic remedies that make a lot of promises but unfortunately may not have delivered," Hardy says.

A class action suit alleges that nasal ease does not relieve allergy symptoms as claimed. You could get a full refund with a receipt, up to $15 without one.

Read more about the nasal ease class action settlement.







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