Investigation expands into canceled home expos

Four months after he first told us about it, Bob Rieser is still waiting for his thousand dollars back.

He's been waiting since March of this year.

Bob owns Go Green Best Price Water systems. It's a new, small business and he paid the thousand dollars to be part of a home show at the Phoenix Convention Center.

But when the organizer, Super 3 Expo, moved the dates, Bob wanted his money back and still hasn't received it.

Turns out, the expo actually moved three times from April, to May to July then to August. Now their website says it's been canceled.

The Phoenix Convention Center says it never got a dime from Super 3 Expo owner Chris Mason. They only got a bounced check.

Rieser recently got an apology from Mason: "I know and have heard many of you are very upset... We hope to start returns in the next week or two."

That was three weeks ago.

Bob has complained to the Attorney General's Office but says they won't tell him a thing. The office won't tell us anything either.

Now our investigation finds, Chris Mason did the same thing in Peoria, last year.

There were two events scheduled for the Peoria Sports Complex.

The Arizona Small Business Expo and Bazaar did happen in September. The Arizona Golf Travel and Leisure Expo scheduled for last November did not.

Complex officials say Mason's business canceled it the day before it was supposed to take place.

Mason's SCM-USA business is listed on both contracts for the Peoria expos.

Complex officials say they were not paid anything for either expo. They say they only got a bounced check and are still trying to collect $2,000 owed.

We know of at least one Scottsdale vendor who paid $400 for one of the events. He also got an apology letter, but no refund.

We tried contacting Chris Mason about the Peoria expos, but got no response.

In July, Mason wrote us saying "all vendors who canceled are receiving their refunds. The rest of the show is not your business."

And just when you think the show may be over for Mason and his businesses, there's a new one.

We found in June, Mason started Global Investor Show Inc. Their website promises investment expos with a Chinese connection.

The Las Vegas expo costs $425 per ticket. It's scheduled for February at the Venetian Resort.

The Venetian won't comment on whether they've received any money from Chris Mason, yet.

If you are a vendor who paid for one of these canceled expos, and didn't get your money back, please email me and let me know.

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