If you have insurance, does the Health Insurance Marketplace offer a better deal?

While the Health Insurance Marketplace website is up and running, many insurance questions remain.

If you don't have insurance and need help, there are navigators ready to offer assistance by going to healthcare.gov and putting in your zip code when asked.

But there are also questions from people who do have insurance.

Most Arizonans are covered by their employers.

And in most cases, that insurance will cost you less than anything you'd find on the marketplace, says Allen Gjersvig.

Gjersvig is with the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers.

"If you turn down your employers coverage, you're going to lose your employer contributions, whatever portion that is. Also, if you turned down your employer insurance, you won't be eligible for any government assistance through the government program marketplace."

It's those tax credits for people who qualify, that really brings down the cost of marketplace insurance.

However, there is one way that marketplace insurance might be a better deal.

If your employer plan costs you more than 9 1/2% of your income, then it's considered unaffordable.

In that case, you may qualify for assistance and the marketplace insurance becomes a better deal.

If you're currently on Medicare, experts say don't worry about the marketplace and just go through open enrollment for Medicare.

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