Government goes after timeshare resellers and calls some 'scams'

PHOENIX - If you own a timeshare, you know the monthly fees can be huge.

With that in mind, scammers are offering a way out of paying. They offer to resell your condo and they promise they have a buyer.

But, you need to pay a certain amount of money upfront.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says too many times, timeshare resales are just scammers after your money.

The FTC just announced 191 actions against scam resales.

Manuela Lyon knows all about these resellers.

She bought a timeshare 30 years ago at a resort near Camelback Mountain.

Lyons used the timeshare to trade time with other vacation spots saying she went to Hawaii many times.

But when she recently got an offer to sell, she decided to do it.

Bill Miller from Wilmington Resort Sales said he had a buyer for her timeshare. He said she would get more than $18,000.

But Miller needed $195 upfront for some title work.

Manuela was a little concerned, but got reassurances and wired that money.

Miller asked for $60 more and she wired that too.

But she got nothing for her money.

The FTC calls many timeshare resale promises "lies" and says never spend upfront money.

Clark Rowley agrees. He's the Arizona Chairman of the American Resort Development Association.

He says selling your timeshare should be like selling your house. You need to hire a real estate agent who knows the market.

And he says they get their money, when they do the job, not upfront.

I put Clark in touch with Manuela and she's filing a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's office.

Bottom line: If you're asked to wire money or pay upfront, don't do it.

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