Electric bills have some customers confused

In the desert, we use a lot of electricity and spend a lot of money to use it, especially during the summer months.

But your electric bill can be confusing. I counted a total of 13 charges on my bill last month -- from a metering charge to a meter reading charge.

So, what do they all mean?

I hit the streets at Tempe Marketplace to find out if any of you know what it is you're paying for each month.

Turns out, most of you have never thought to look. But, when you took a closer look at the long list of charges, just about everyone I met wanted to know one thing: Why am I paying for this?

Here's where you can find out: If you're an APS or an SRP customer.

And, if you have issues with your electricity provider or your bill, you can contact the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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