Black Friday warning: Some store websites sell products from different businesses

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and a lot of you will be buying holiday gifts online.

Even though you choose an item from a store's website, you might be buying from a different business, with a different return policy.

Nancy Beuchel of Scottsdale went shopping online. She bought a new cord to attach a TV to her laptop. It turns out it wasn't the right cord.

Since she bought it from the website, Beuchel tried to return the cord to a Best Buy store.

"When I walked in, they said 'Oh that's a Marketplace item, we don't take those here,'" Beuchel said.

Marketplace? Beuchel said no, she bought it on the Best Buy website.

But she says the logo on the receipt even said Best Buy.

Turns out, while Beuchel did use the company's site, she bought the cord from a different company.

Two years ago, Best Buy started a Marketplace on their site.

Now, nearly 200 different businesses can sell their products too!

Beuchel says she expected that from Amazon or eBay, but not a single store website.

And a different vendor means different return policies.

We looked up the cord Beuchel bought.

It does state that it comes from a different company and the refund policy is listed.

But Beuchel didn't catch that.

And she says she was told it's too late to get her money back.

"I now have a $56 item that's now a door stop for me. I have no purpose for it," Beuchel says.

So, she let me know.

We contacted Best Buy's corporate headquarters.

In their response, Best Buy says, "our customers are advised at every step throughout the purchase process that they are ordering a product not sold by Best Buy and they need to contact the seller with any issues."

But then we told them about Beuchel's confusion and early attempts to return the cord.

Best Buy agreed to a one-time exception to refund the money back to her.

And Best Buy was true to their word.

"I got my money back. Thank you," Beuchel said.

A big thanks to Best Buy for stepping up here and helping Beuchel out.

Again, does distinguish between their products and items from other businesses.

But, it can be confusing for some unless you look closely and know that if you choose a 3rd party item, on any store site, you can't count on that store's return policy.

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