BBB 'one-ring' scam: Phone call you should never return

Have you received a cell phone call that rang once and then stopped?

Wanted to call back the number to see who it was? Don't!

There's a scam going around where computers are calling thousands of cell phone numbers, letting it ring once, and then disconnecting.

They hope you'll call back.

The Better Business Bureau says if you do, you're charged $19.95 initially and put on hold.

If you stay on and listen to the music, you're charged another $9 a minute.

The calls might be coming from the Caribbean.

So the lesson from this is: Don't return calls to numbers you don't know.

Also, don't pick up if you don't know the number. Let them leave a voice message.

And if you mistakenly did fall for this scam, contact your phone provider right away.

They should be able to work with you on taking off any charges connected to the fraud.

If they don't, let me know. You can email me or "like" my Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about it there.

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