Attorney General investigating Maricopa Properties, LLC for violating state law

The Attorney General's Office (AG) is investigating Dawn Anderson and her company, Maricopa Properties, LLC after the Arizona Department of Real Estate (AZRE) issued a Cease & Desist Order.

This is an update to a story the ABC Investigators first reported on three weeks ago.

Maricopa Properties handles rental properties in the Valley. They act as a go-between the home owner and the renter.

Anderson is accused of violating numerous state laws by using other people's money from a trust account. Some of the money went to pay for trips and her monthly salary.

According to the order, the total amount of money short from the account is $279,000.

The AG is contacting the home owners to find out just how much money she owes them. They are asking the home owners "to aid in their investigation".

After the AZRE issued the Cease & Desist Order, they handed the case over to the AG and asked them to revoke her real estate brokerage license.

The AZRE has an easy to use search engine . It can tell you if the real estate company or broker you are using is licensed, and if they were charged with any violations.

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