Amazon and Dish Network among companies targeted for latest Valley scams

Dish TV is warning customers about callers offering 50% off the regular price.

The callers ask for an upfront payment wired to them in exchange for the great deal.

But Dish says the callers have nothing to do with their company and that Dish would never operate that way.

It's just one of the scams you're letting me know about this week.

Like one that supposedly comes from Amazon and starts with "Happy New Year" and you are a "winner."

Okay, I'd be intrigued.

The email says "we selected customers, then we choosed just one hundred other customers randomly to be winner of a coupon for $1,000."

Click on a website called getmylife and answer a survey.

Bad grammar like the word "choosed" should be one giveaway this is completely bogus.

If you fall for this next one, well, you haven't been seeing enough of these "Let Joe Know" stories.

This one starts with "you are obliged to come as a defendant to the court of Louisiana. It's a case of illegal software use."

You need a lawyer and appearing is "compulsory."

Likely, that's not a word these scammers use often, given the misspellings like "plaint" instead of "plain" note.

Again, there is more information on a link they want you to click

Finally, a bill from the gas company Atmos energy.

It's just $48 and they offer an easy way to pay by credit card or your bank

Turns out Atmos is a real company. But they don't operate in Arizona.

Since the bill looks legit, and it's just $48, I can possibly see a fast bill payer clicking and paying this.

On its site, Atmos warns the link goes to a "compromised website that harbors Malaware. Anyone who receives this email should delete it immediately and do not click on the links."

That's my advice on all of these.

Never click on a link you don't know.

You'll either be giving up personal information or allowing viruses into your computer.

If you ever think it might be legit, contact the company through its real customer service number and ask.

It could save you a lot of money.

E-mail me with any consumer problem you have or "like" my Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about it there.

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