ABC15 launches 'Let Joe Know' to help YOU solve consumer problems

PHOENIX - We've started something new here at ABC15, and I'm glad to be part of it. 

It's called "Let Joe Know" and it's just that.

If you've got a consumer problem, let me know. I want to help. It could be a blatant scam. It might be a business not fulfilling a contract. Maybe it's a home improvement or car purchase gone wrong. Let me know.

I've got a family, a house and a car. I know how frustrating it can be when you hire the wrong people or pay a business and don't get your money's worth. If you're fighting that battle, let me know.

I've been part of the ABC15 investigators for the last 7 years and am still part of the team. This is really an extension of our mission. We're here to expose wrong doing, confront the powerful and take action by educating, pushing change and now even more.... solving!

If you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know at or by going to my "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.

Please be concise and include just the facts associated with your complaint. We need proof, so provide as many details and as much documentation as you can. We can't get involved in every case, but we will notify you if we can help.  And, if we do take on your case, we ask that you be part of telling your story.  That helps us help you.

Then watch the results every weekday with "Let Joe Know" on ABC15 News at 6pm.

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