PD: Man caught 'upskirting' at Mesa Walmart

Posted at 1:29 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 01:39:08-04

Security workers are credited with helping to catch a suspect as he took photos up a woman's skirt at a Mesa Walmart.

Court records show that around 9 p.m. Saturday, Mesa police were called to the store near Alma School Road and Rio Salado Parkway where a man was seen taking pictures up a woman's skirt -- twice -- without her knowing.

Police say that 33-year-old Tylor John Schlink was seen by theft protection personnel as he walked up to the woman, and extended his arm with his cell phone under her skirt while her attention was diverted.

Police say that Schlink then left the area, checked his phone, and returned to the same woman and did it again. Police arrested Schlink at the store.

He's been charged with two counts of voyeurism.