Allergies aggravated by dust storm, expert tips on relieving symptoms

PHOENIX - Strong winds spread dust and pollen, creating a bigger problem for people with allergies. 

Dr. Richard Keightley with Paradise Valley Allergy in Phoenix said it could take days for the dust to settle.  People with allergies might notice stuffy noses, sinuses, wheezing, sneezing, and itchy eyes among other symptoms.

Dr. Keightley says it's important to take medication early, especially for stuffed up noses. He says the nose helps prevent particles from entering the lungs. A stuffed up nose could lead to more serious problems like a lung infection, he said.

Here's some additional advice from WebMD:

  • Wash hair at night. Allergens often get trapped on hair.
  • Wash clothes, bed linens, and household rugs with hot water if possible.
  • Change clothes when you get home.
  • Don't dry your laundry outside.

Experts also say avoid swimming in chlorinated water. The chemicals could aggravate your allergy symptoms.


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