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Posted at 8:10 AM, May 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 16:55:16-04

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Full-Service Roofing, Emergency Response, and Restoration
ProWest is a Roof, Fire, and Water Damage Restoration Company, serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Arizona and California. ProWest knows that every job is about someone’s home or livelihood; we provide roofing and restoration solutions to get you back to living and making a living quickly.

ProWest is the Professional Choice
ProWest understands how traumatic and disruptive a property disaster can be. When accidents happen, the lives of the people you care about most can get thrown into chaos instantly. Let ProWest quickly mobilize an emergency response team who specializes in your particular needs. Whether your residential or commercial property has just taken on an extensive fire or flood catastrophe, or whether a storm has left you needing a new roof, ProWest has the right restoration and remodeling solutions to swiftly put your life back together. In business since 2002, we are a licensed contractor with over a decade of experience on the front lines of damage control. Our professional teams are craftsmen in the latest state-of-the-art techniques. When it comes to disaster recovery and property restoration of your residential home, commercial property, or industrial building, ProWest is the obvious choice of the informed consumer.

24/7 Emergency Response
When a real tragedy strikes, hesitation can skyrocket restoration costs. Within seconds of the initial mishap, water begins to swell into drywall and seep under flooring, followed immediately by mold, metal corrosion and breakdown of structures. This lends itself to countless opportunities for additional damage beyond the initial crisis. With efficient strategy and preparation, the downtime and overall damage of your property can be minimized. No disaster is too large or small. Call ProWest immediately and we will work diligently to minimize the devastation. Our response team is as agile in the office as it is in the field. We’ll respond immediately to your service calls and handle all of your claims for you. We set the industry standard when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Experienced Disaster Technicians
As a leading name in the restoration industry since 2002, you can feel secure knowing every aspect of your restoration will be handled by our professional staff. We will keep you informed of our next move at every phase. From demolition to restoration, our qualified team of craftsmen will care for your property throughout the construction process, guaranteeing you a quick and full recovery.