Professional photographs of your next trip?

During a recent trip to Boston, I took most of my own pictures. You see me in front of Paul Revere, me in front of George Washington, and me at Harvard University. The photos are known as selfies and are often less than flattering.
Hiring local photographers for special getaways has been one option, but finding good ones can be a bit tricky.
"How do you find a trusted photographer for an affordable rate, easily when you're traveling?" asked Nicole Smith, who founded Flytographer earlier this year. "I couldn't see anything out there."
The website is a one-stop shop to matchup travelers with professional photographers in cities around the world. Smith says the site is the first of its kind.
"We vet the photographers carefully. We're putting you with people we know are safe and talented and fun," Smith said.
Other vacation photographers like Tricia Keffer, who owns Tricia & Co. in Florida, used to focus on just local outdoor portraits, but she recently expanded her business to meet the growing demand for vacation photographers.
"I go out to the beach, the mountains, Paris at the Eiffel Tower," Keffer said. "It's a lot of fun and it's a new twist on a traditional family portrait."
Flytographer's prices range from $200 for a 30-minute shoot to $600 for two hours.
"When you ask the stranger, you may get a photo together, but you know, it's sometimes awkward, or it's blurry," Smith said.
A snapshot of the benefits includes
1) Documenting special vacations
2) Capturing candid moments
3) You'll look good
"You can kind of get a series of photos that tell a story and really your story of your vacation and you won't have three chins in the process," Smith said.
So pack your bags and say cheese!
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