Want to meet more people? 5 tips for networking success with Platform Scottsdale

What does the financial advisor, stay at home mom, realtor with children, and media mogul all have in common? They are all women who want to connect, inspire and promote one another, and have fun while doing it!

Christine Espinoza, Julie Kern, Pearl Woodring and Dorothy Wolden formed Platform Scottsdale in the spring of 2012. They envisioned an organization dedicated to ALL women, recognizing the unique paths they've chosen, whether corporate or domestic, can be used to enrich and enhance each other, and not divide them. Platform Scottsdale is full of women in business, stay-at-home moms, domestic engineers, and single ladies on the go that come together to contribute and support each other in a meaningful way that will enrich their minds, bodies and souls.

Platform Scottsdale hosts three events throughout the year and for each event, they have a charity partner, host and inspirational speaker. It's a great new way to meet successful women in the area and learn about Valley businesses. Local sponsors have the opportunity to promote their businesses at their events and on their interactive website.

For more information, visit Platform Scottsdale's website. Or contact Christine Espinoza, one of the founders, at christine@christineespinoza.com   

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