Valley of the Sun United Way's create a mini-home library to inspire literacy

Having a mini-home library is not just a fun home improvement - it's a vital resource every family should have in their home as a built-in encouragement to literacy. And the bonus is anyone can have one without spending a dime.

Janet Garcia, Vice President of Community Impact for Valley of the Sun United Way, a member of the Read On Greater Phoenix network, joined Sonoran Living Live to explain the three easy steps to create a mini-home library in any home.  

"The key is simply having a designated reading area that is quiet but easy for kids to access," said Garcia, who oversees programs within Valley of the Sun United Way aimed at ensuring children succeed. The goal of encouraging a mini-home library in every single household is to help all children read fluently (read by grade level) by third grade, she explained.

"Children learn to read until third grade, and at that point they truly need to be strong readers to continue their learning," Garcia said. "This fun example is a really powerful way to make reading fun, accessible and a built-in part of any busy lifestyle."

A mini-home library can be built from anything including a basket for library books and a cozy chair or bean bag pillow, to a room with shelves and a couch. This simple but fun effort makes it automatic to include literacy into any home.
1. Create a comfortable, quiet space for your child to look at books. It can be large or small, and include a chair or pillows, a small shelf or basket for favorite books.
2.  Make sure the books are at easy reach - use your own books or library books.
3.  Don't have books at home? Be creative - cut up the letters in advertisements you receive in the mail. These activities are fun, and still build strong literacy skills.
 Once this important mini-home library space is created, download our full list of tips to make the most of this fun space:
-    Set a reading routine.
-    Use sound effects!
-    Talk about the book:
-    Did the hero do the right thing?
-    How would you have written the ending?
Now that you've created or planned your mini-home library, download the full list of these tips and ideas at

Valley of the Sun United Way - a member of the Read On Greater Phoenix network
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