The Cornish Pasty rises in the Valley

Long days and nights working in the tin mines in Cornwall, England would make anyone hungry. So the wives of these hard working miners created a handful of heartiness, the pasty.

They were filled with meat and potatoes and baked with a folded crust so the miner's could handle the pasty without touching the filling inside.

From the 1800s until now, the pasty is going strong and the Valley owes it to Dean Thomas of The Cornish Pasty Company.

Thomas, a native of Cornwall, uses his family's tradition to bake 40 plus styles of the pasty, including the traditional "oggie" that comes with steak and potato to "The Mexican" that spices things up with steak strips, jalapenos, and eggs.

Calling the pasty a pot pie is not a crime, but it should be! The pasty is a marvel of baked perfection that has held the test of time and continues to satisfy any hunger.

Plus, the Cornish Pasty Company offers many craft brews to compliment the heartiness of the pasty.

Cornish Pasty Company has two locations:

1941 West Guadalupe Road
Mesa, Arizona

960 West University Drive
Tempe, Arizona

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