Terri O's wet and wild water crafts

With temperatures soaring, it's hard to get the kids outside to play. I found a fun way to play in the water with some super fun craft ideas.

Package of sponges.
Water & bucket

Empty water bottle
Cotton wash cloth
Rubber band
Lid to hold bubble solution

Mega bubbles

To make bubble solution remove 2 cups of water from a one gallon jug. Add 12 oz. of dishwashing liquid to the jug along with 3 to 4 tablespoons of glycern. Mix gently and pour into a container.

To make the large wand attach a small eye hook to end of a dowel. Make 2. Attach a long string about 100 inches long to one dowel and add a heavy washer for weight. Attach the other end of the string to the other dowel. Attach a string to each dowel about 65 inches long. Dip the tips of the dowel with the string into the bubble solution. Gently pull up and spread the dowels apart creating a v shape. Walk backwards and watch the mega bubble appear.

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