Terri O creates a topiary for Valentines Day

Yet another way to use a urn! So far this is number three for me. I used the same urn to create a pumpkin and Christmas gift box topiary. This Valentine topiary can now be added to the list of designs you can do yourself.

Styrofoam to hold dowel and to create a base
Wire beads
Large Heart
Valentine sign

1. Place styrofoam inside urn and insert the dowel. Place the larger piece of styrofoam to fit on top of the urn to act as a base.
2. Lay the fabric on top of the urn.
3. Layer the string of beads over the fabric.
4. Anchor the heart onto the dowel
5. Place th sign where you think it looks good. I just lay mine on top so I can use it again.

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