Terri O crafts: Spruce up your pool with floating candles

Spruce up your swimming pool with these floating candles.

Styrofoam or thick foam (6x6 or larger works best)
Fishing line
Heavy washers for weights
Wire cutters
Silk flowers
Glue gun
Any item you want to use to decorate with

1. Create two holes close to each other in the center of your Styrofoam. Attach fishing line thru the holes and secure with several knots.
2. Measure the length of your line based on the depth of your pool or pond and attach one or two heavy washers to the end.
3. Glue flowers to the edge of the Styrofoam leaving a space in the center for your candle.
4. Add other embellishments as desired. Keep in mind to keep away from the center so the candle does not catch it on fire.
5. Set a candle holder in the center and a candle. Do not glue on because you may have to move it slightly for balance.
6. Throw out the weight into the water and light your candle. You may need to use a pole to move your floating candle out to where you want it. Try to keep the water calm.

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