Terri O crafts: How to create burlap-inspired fall wreath

Getting into the fall spirit could mean a little do-it-yourself project. Try making a cute fall burlap welcome wreath for your home!


Grapevine wreath
Wire ribbon in various colors
Roll of burlap
Long thin floral wire
Wire cutters
Floral tape
Glue gun
Flowers or branches for decoration


To make the burlap flowers cut an 8x8 or larger square depending on how big you want your flower to be. Scrunch it up in the middle and use the floral wire to sew it together. Twist the wire tightly at the bottom to secure. Leave the rest of the wire so you can use it to attach it to your wreath. Make at least 3 to 4 or more if you are going all the way around.

Make bows with all of your different ribbons. Be sure to leave the rest of the wire so you can use it to attach your bows.

Make your arrangement by bunching up your flowers in your hand. Use floral tape to secure and wrap the bottom just like you would a wedding bouquet. This will secure all of you pieces together tightly. I wrapped the bottom in burlap also to hide the floral tape.

Before you attach anything to your wreath, lay it on the floor and place the bows and burlap flowers where you want them. After you are satisfied attach each one to your wreath with the wire. Clip off any leftover wire.

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