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Sushi meets modern cuisine at J's Kaiyo

Posted at 10:37 AM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 12:40:11-05

Executive Chef Jason McGrath from J's Kaiyo restaurant is here filling our bellies with all kinds of goodness!
Restaurant concept is sushi meets modern cuisine.
Voted best new restaurant in Phoenix Magazine.

Crab Stuffed Avocado:
Haas avocado, large 1ea
Crab mix 4oz (approx.)
·    Blue crab 1 lbs.
·    Fresno pepper, minced 3-4 ea
·    Shallot, minced 4oz
·    Lemongrass, minced 2oz
·    Ginger, minced 2oz
·    Garlic, minced 3oz
·    Cilantro, chopped 4oz
·    Lime juice 3oz
·    Cream cheese 2oz
·    Aleppo chili flake 1oz
·    Kosher salt to taste

Drain crab of excess moisture. Add all ingredients together and mix thoroughly. The cream cheese is meant to be more of a binder then a huge presence of the flavor profile.

Seed mix as needed
·    Pepitas ½ cup
·    Sunflower seed ½ cup
·    Sesame (white and black) ½ cup
·    Poppy seed ½ cup
·    Aleppo, chili flake ¼ cup
·    Kosher salt ¼ cup

Toast any of the seeds that are not already toasted besides the poppy at       400-degree oven.Should only take 3-5 minutes. Mix all ingredients together.

Mango vinaigrette 3oz

·    Red mango 1ea
·    Sugar 4-6oz
·    Rice Vinegar 8-10oz

Skin and core mango then rough chop. Place in blender with sugar and vinegar. Blend on high for at least two minutes. You want to have the smoothest possible texture. The ounces on the sugar and vinegar are approximate due to the size of the mango.

Take a large avocado and split in half lengthwise. Remove the pit. Using a small spoon, dig out
a larger "bowl" in to the avocado. Then remove the outer skin. Stuff with mixture with the crab
mix and then either torch (recommended) or broil the avocado until nicely blistered. Rub outside
of avocado with a small amount of oil then roll through seed mixture. Either serve the two halves
or cut in to desired number of pieces. Finally, dot the plate with the mango vinaigrette and