Some Like It Classic talks wedding tablescapes to bring 'wow' factor

Biggest trends Amina is seeing right now in wedding planning.

Color is coming back and we are really excited about it! For the last year we have seen whites, ivories, neutrals and greens because last year the color of the year was an emerald.

This year - it's ORCHID! So bring on the purples - we are loving seeing some color again - blush is still around too - but deep rich purples are where it's at! Metallics were big last year, and they aren't going away but we are seeing Brides come to us with different ideas of metallics - not just gold and silver - but rose gold or bronze also.

Both work really well with Arizona landscapes. What we are also seeing trending are low table scapes - not to say people don't want the large wow factor arrangements, but Brides are asking for family style tables with low centerpieces offering up more socializing across the tables.

With these feasting tables we are seeing an emphasis on lots of candle light, small clusters of flowers even feathers are back, instead of desert plants like succulents, fruits and veggies like pomegranates and artichokes! And more emphasis on details at the table - like a beautiful scripted menu, a charger, even custom glassware.

It's important to come up with a table concept or 2 or 3 for your wedding. It offers dimension to your wedding space, the ability to create a unique feel for your wedding, and without spending a lot of money you can leave your guests in awe of the work you put into your design."

Her 3 top tips:

1. Hire a wedding planner - that isn't a shameless plug, but weddings are much different than they use to be when your parents were married in a church and had the simple punch or generic dinner reception after. There are too many details that are happening and you have too much stuff that you bringing into your wedding - your family can't handle the setup and either can your coordinator at the venue!!

2. Categorize your Pinterest boards - they will save you a lot of headache when you start designing your wedding - so categories into folders - like flowers, paper, cakes, etc.

3. Have fun and be patient - if you aren't having fun - if you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right... then you need to hire a planner.

With a team of 8 experienced ladies - you have the full support of a team that ONLY does weddings, no other events. They specialize in custom design and of course coordination and creating unique one of a kind wedding spaces - and have a studio in Old Town Scottsdale that also does minute by minute planning - so if you only need a little help that is the most cost effective way to go - it's only $1.50 a minute.

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