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YouMail: New technology to battle robocalls

Posted at 8:08 AM, Jan 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-16 12:19:30-05

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Alex Quilici & the YouMail Robocall Index
Let's face it, people are absolutely fed up with annoying robocalls. In fact, robocalls have become the nation's #1 consumer complaint, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Americans received more than 43 BILLION robocalls through the third quarter of this year, on pace to possibly reach a record-breaking 60 BILLION for the full year.

In recent years, YouMail CEO Alex Quilici has emerged as the nation's top authority on the technical and policy aspects of this troubling robocall problem. He has advised members of Congress and their staffs, the FCC, national consumer groups, and major media outlets

Quilici is the founder of the YouMail Robocall Index, the most comprehensive database detailing robocall trends, volumes and scams across the country. Quilici has broken down the numbers and types of robocalls hitting Phoenix in September below:
· 86.6 million calls placed
· 2.9 million calls per day
· 120,200 calls per hour
· 33.4 calls per second
· 12.3 calls per person on average

Phoenix Robocalls by Category in September:
· Scams 50.7%
· Alerts and Reminders 21.7%
· Payment Reminders 14.6%
· Telemarketing 13/0%

The YouMail Robocall Index™ estimates monthly robocall volumes across the US, as well as in various regions, and highlights the worst offenders. The index works by extrapolating the data collected from the many tens of millions of calls made each month to YouMail users.

YouMail is the leading tech provider fighting to protect consumers through its robocall-blocking apps, and in the past year, we've accomplished the following:
· Stopping hundreds of millions of robocalls, drastically reducing the volume of robocalls that make it through to YouMail users.
· Helping policymakers and the public better understand the robocall problem by providing an estimate on the size and scope of the US robocall problem, as well as providing a breakdown of the different types of robocalls (alerts, payment reminders, telemarketing, and scams), and providing geographic data on where the problem is most acute. YouMail estimates are now widely cited by policymakers including the FCC, consumer reporters, and industry analysts.
· Enabling carriers to better identify numbers acting illegally in order to shut them down.

YouMail uses proprietary, patented technology to recognize as many robocallers as possible, then plays them an out-of-service greeting, spoofing robocaller systems into believing the user's number is invalid. This strategy removes users from marketing lists and prevents robocallers from leaving irritating voice messages.

YouMail's technology and insight have given consumers the only accurate way to estimate and track the scope of the problem nationwide, and moreover, it offers users the ability to do something about it. The YouMail app helps users block robocalls, and its data helps policymakers combat the bad actors.