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Water - Use It Wisely for kids

Posted at 10:19 AM, Nov 12, 2014
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Fun Ways to Get Kids to Save Water
Getting kids to save water can be challenging when all they have to do is turn on the tap to access the cleanest water in the world. For decades, Valley water providers and partnering organizations have worked hard to reach out to kids through families and by supporting teachers. After all, lifelong habits develop in childhood. Parents can attest that when children get a certain idea in their heads, it sticks. Getting kids engaged in learning about and using water wisely is important.
Fortunately, water is a fascinating topic that can never get old. Water connects people living in different houses, neighborhoods, states, and countries. Understanding where water comes from involves understanding topography and geography. Exploring how water is delivered and used involves understanding engineering, electricity, agriculture, culture, and land management. Arizona history can be seen as a history of human and water relationships. Managing water at home can involve gardening, technology use, and discussions about behaviors and consequences. Because of water's ability to cross boundaries and connect topics, it can be a powerful theme to help make kid's learning at home and at school more relevant to everyday life.
The trick to making water conservation and efficiency fun for kids is to use a variety of resources and techniques over time. Select materials that are age appropriate and try to tap into what the child is most interested in. Check local water provider's websites for free resources online and off. Below are some examples:
Water-Use-It-Wisely Kids includes interactive games, water saving tips, lesson plans, and a Water Challenge to engage kids all year round in practical and fun water conservation usable for teachers, parents, and other community members.
The City of Phoenix Water Resources and Conservation Classroom Materials page provides a wide variety of books, maps, posters, and supplemental materials that can be ordered, free of charge, by teachers in the City.
Project WET Foundation's website offers interactive learning games about the water cycle, science careers, and wise water use practices.
The city of Scottsdale Education Tools pagehas free resources for Scottsdale water customer schools as well as water games and kids activities.
The City of Phoenix Reading List for Water Conservation and Water Science lists books for all ages found in public libraries and most public schools.
The Environmental Protection Agency offers the WaterSense game to help kids learn about how everyday household items can help save water.
Kids can explore home water use indoors and out with these two great tools: H2ouse and Water Resources and Conservation.
Project WET Foundation publishes water education resources.
Direct local school administrators and teachers to Arizona's Project WET affiliates Arizona Project WET to find opportunities for statewide water STEM professional development and Water Festival events.
Check your local water provider's website for more information about water education.

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Water-Use It Wisely is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live