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Want a sweet treat? You've got to try The Snowy Churro!

Posted at 7:44 AM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-01 12:01:29-04

The Snowy Churro is an advertiser of Sonoran Living.

The original The Snowy Churro food trailer opened in 2019 in Broomfield, Colorado. Having missed out on getting in on the ground floor, Darrel and Mary Ann decided in the winter of 2021 to join their growing team by opening the first The Snowy Churro in the Phoenix area after deciding to pursue their lifelong dream of owning their own business. For the first few months they continued working at the careers they loved, Darrel as a 23-year veteran math teacher and Mary Ann in the medical profession with over 20 years invested. As the business took off and the schedule filled up, they soon realized their new business had enormous potential, which meant it would demand much more of their time. They both left their jobs and took the leap of faith to work on the business full time.

The first few months were filled with both excitement and fear. Excitement of owning their own business, of the hopefully endless possibilities it offered, of being their own boss. However, every ounce of excitement was met with an equal amount of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing enough to run a business, fear of not having a guaranteed salary, fear of failure. If they knew one thing, though, it was that you get out of it what you put into it. No one was going to save them. It was during this exciting time that Darrel and Mary Ann quickly learned that their family was an amazing and vital support system. From offering to help prepare food to helping with promotional ideas (signs, audio recordings, etc.) to training and working shifts on the truck, their family was always ready, willing, and able to jump in and help. They know they could not have done everything by themselves.

In addition to the support of family, the people of the valley as well as members of the food truck community have been very supportive as well. Wherever they take The Snowy Churro, they are met with people who are excited and enthusiastic over their fun and unique menu, which makes their job very rewarding and enjoyable. The other food truck owners and workers are not only as excited to try their food as customers are, but they are always helpful and eager to share ideas, trade secrets, and offer their help in what is a very competitive business. Those relationships have proven invaluable to their success.

From the beginning, Darrel and Mary Ann had three non-negotiable rules for the business - treat customers and staff like family, make sure the food quality is amazing, and have fun. They are the first words every new employee hears on their first day. Darrel and Mary Ann believe in the importance of relationships and they attribute their success to them, and so far their business plan has proven itself through repeat business, staff loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

You can find The Snowy Churro at Phoenix Premium Outlets, 4976 Premium Outlets Way, Phoenix, AZ 85226 - to find dates and other locations, call 602-456-2240, or go to