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Tutera Medical & SottoPelle Therapy share how hormones help your body

Posted at 7:53 AM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 13:08:29-04

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The mitochondria are our powerhouses of Energy. They produce energy and many factors influence our energy levels. Today, let's talk about the role of Hormones and Micronutrients in Energy production. We not only need physical energy to get through our day effectively, but mental and emotional energies are as important. The balance of all the hormones is key, in particular the Thyroid, Adrenal, Estradiol &Testosterone hormones. At SottoPelle, we are the Pioneer and Global leader in HRT.

My philosophy in practice has always been to find the root cause of the problem and a solution for the same. Nutrient deficiency has become very prevalent since the soil where our food grows is depleted of all the nutrients that it once had many years ago. On the other hand, we have made bad food choices like eating processed foods which comes in boxes and cans and have moved away from eating the "Real Foods." The addition of pesticides in our foods is another big topic all together. Bottom line is that we lack essential nutrients which negatively affect our energy.

Spectracell's Micronutient Testing has been a wonderful functional testing method to assess for these nutrient deficiencies. It is performed by a simple blood draw and provides a comprehensive report checking all the B- vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidant levels are more.

At SottoPelle, we recommend weekly "Energy Booster Shots" to our patients. It is a perfect mix of B-vitamins, MIC- which is an amino acid combination that works as a fat burner, chromium that helps metabolize sugars, AMP which converts to ATP (our energy building blocks).
We have our own line of SottoPelle supplements. I will like to share how each one of these may help you.
1. ADK- Vitamins ADK is the fat-soluble Trio. Thus firstly, it is best absorbed when taken with a meal with some type of fat, like avocados or nuts. We all have heard about the role of Vitamin D in Bone Health and the epidemic of Vit D deficiency. This supplement provides 5000 IUs of Vit D which is in general a good amount of Vit D to maintain healthy levels. Along with Vit A and Vit K, this supplement helps in hormone health, which is our focus at SottoPelle.
2. Hair Repair Formula- is a combination of Saw Palmetto which works as a DHT inhibitor if that is a cause of hair loss. Some people convert Testosterone easily to DHT or Di-Hydro Testosterone which is associated with adverse effects of hair loss, acne and unwanted hairs on face and body. By using this formula, it prevents this DHT conversion of Testosterone. The formula even contains Biotin and other essential minerals like Zinc and Selenium in exact proportions to help increase hair growth.
3. DIM- D-Indol Methane helps convert estrogen to its "Good Metabolite" which is 2-OH.  The "Bad Metabolite" of estrogen is 16-OH and related to side effects like breast tenderness. So in fact, by using DIM, we are helping to protect one from Breast Cancer.

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