Truce cleaning products are safe, simple and effective

Truce is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

Truce makes safe, simple and effective cleaning products for your home. Using just 15 familiar ingredients, their hand-crafted recipes were created to be outstandingly effective while also being gentle for use around the home, family and pets. With three core product categories - home, personal, and pet - they have a diverse product assortment for virtually every room in the house.
Back in 2004, unhappy with many of the "green" products on the shelves, Truce co-founder Kandie Konomos set her sights on creating some products of her own. As her formulas progressed, Kandie soon realized her products were just as effective as the store-bought cleaners, minus the negatives such as dermatitis, possible carcinogen exposure and more. Using the same high quality ingredients and recipes we still use today, the products that would eventually become Truce were born.
Truce's recipes were based on a simple principle - we don't need all of these harmful chemicals in our products in order to clean our homes, or even worse, all of these so-called "cleaning" products could actually be doing us more harm than good. Instead, Truce opts for familiar and effective ingredients such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol as the basis for their recipes. It doesn't stop there either  - rather than chemical-based fragrances, Truce adds their signature scents to their products with aromatherapeutic essential oils.
"They're the cleaning products that you would make yourself if you had the time" says company founder and visionary, Diann Peart, PhD.
Born of their humble beginnings at the Phoenix Farmers Market nearly ten years ago, Truce has grown to be an integral part of the thriving startup community here in Phoenix. This couldn't be any more evident after visiting their co-working office and warehouse space Mac6 in Tempe, which home to many other notable Phoenix startups including Refresh Glass, Teaspressa, Standard Wax, Mia Bella and more.
Above all, Truce is a proud purpose-driven company and their values are the core of their organization. As they continue to grow, they are excited to expand their message with all that share their common goal of helping people keep harmful chemicals out of their home, one cleaning product at a time.
Truce products can be purchased online on their website and Amazon, or picked up in-person at your local Sprouts Farmers Market location.

Truce is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

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