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The Healing Quest: Treating insomnia and sleep disturbances

Posted at 7:53 AM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 12:34:29-04

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Lack of sleep or restorative sleep is one of the top issues plaguing people. Not being able to fall asleep or waking up repeatedly night after night can lead to fatigue, irritability, inability to concentration and focus and it can also exacerbate health issues Sometimes over the counter sleep aids work but often have side effects like feeling foggy or 'out of it'. Prescribed medications often have even more disturbing effects such as sleep walking or sleep eating, some people have found themselves sleep driving! Is this just a cycle or something you will have to live with forever?

Times of stress can trigger these cycles for a period of time, and then once everything settles in life you go back to a regular sleep rhythm or the circadian rhythm. Age can also trigger sleep cycle disturbances. Once you turn 60 years old, the brain reverts to a cycle where you may be able to fall asleep for 2-4 hours, then you wake up for a couple hours, then sleep another two. Then you are done. Most people compensate with a power nap in the afternoons. Then there are people who are contending with pain, acute or chronic.

I help with restoring the circadian rhythm whether your issues are due to stress or age and pain relief/reduction and management, essentially turning down the level of pain and discomfort experienced.

It generally takes 3-5 session to assist with anxiety and anticipation of a poor night's sleep. I go for quality not quantity. So whether your general sleep cycle is 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours, no matter how many hours you receive, you will awaken alert, refreshed with a sense of restoration and not feel like you are dragging throughout the day.

Through counseling, hypnotherapy and sleep exercises you will be able to recover the nighttime and not dread another sleepless, restless night. With each successive session your sleep will be longer and restorative, allowing you to move through your life confidently with increased focus and concentration.

The Healing Quest looks forward to assisting you. Call to set up a consultation and the possibilities and opportunities of recovering your sense of well being.

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