The Dump sells high quality furniture at low prices

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The Dump is a unique concept.  What was once a clearance center for its parent company,  Haynes Furniture, The Dump has expanded in scope and now offers customers in Arizona and across  the country something they have never before been able to get: high quality furniture at clearance prices. 

The Dump is a furniture outlet committed to offering our customers the best possible value for their home furnishing needs.  We are dedicated to making the customer experience at The Dump fun, exciting and fast-paced, with assortment changes and additions each week.

Haynes Furniture Company is a family owned company based in Virginia that has been around for over  100 years.  In the mid 1980's, the company decided to establish a clearinghouse to sell its damaged, aged,and returned merchandise that had accumulated in the Haynes warehouses. 

The concept was simple:  only open on the weekends (when customers REALLY shop), keep operating expenses down,and sell at blowout prices.  Thus, The Dump was born.

The idea quickly caught on in Virginia and soon began pulling customers in from the nearby Mid-Atlantic states.   Because of the tremendous success in the Virginia market, we decided to expand the concept to the Philadelphia area, and eventually to Texas, Arizona and Georgia. 

With this expansion, The Dump concept began to transform into a true furniture outlet, offering our customers 150,000 to 200,000 square feet of top-of-the-line quality home furnishings for truly amazing prices.  

The basic premise for The Dump story is simple:   

1  We don't pay full price, so you don't pay full price.  
2  No Frills.      
3  Low Overhead.      
4  Great Selection.      
5  Famous Name Brands.     
6  We are only open 3 days a week     

The truth is: everything that we sell here at The Dump can be found at over 400 places in the metro  Phoenix area.  We insist on selling it cheaper than the other places! See more of The Dump Story on this Sonoran Living live segment, and visit us at:

The Dump is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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