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Synergy Lifestyle Medicine explains how IV treatments may enhance and heal your body

Posted at 9:27 AM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 16:42:10-05

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Dr. Maggie Gama is a pathologist, internal medicine and functional medicine doctor with extensive history in identifying root cause of illness and identifying the specific type of treatment that would be specifically in the best interest of the patient. Her practice provides integrative medicine treatment methods that are going to give patients the best intended results in the treatment towards the elimination of disease all together, not just managing the disease.

Dr. Maggie Gama is the doctors, doctor. In other words, she is the doctor that other doctors call upon to identify the type of diagnosis the patient has. Because of her extensive years of being a pathologist, internist and functional medicine doctor she has extreme high level knowledge of science and information available to patients that other doctors are not routinely involved in due to their lack of studies outside the medical trained dominated market of pharma and insurance.

Patients Travel Across The World To Seek Treatment From Dr. Maggie Gama

Dr. Maggie Gama is an expert in identifying patterns, behaviors in cells and with that being able to completely identify with the patient's exact DNA.

This is a complete game changer in fighting the disease because her practice works with the intelligence of disease type and fights the disease by understanding the intelligence within.

Once all these vital data factors are put into place, she will then be able to provide a definitive treatment protocol for you that is targeted with the disease and work to reverse the pathology of disease within you. Giving you the opportunity to win back your health and life. That is the goal.

IV Therapies To Treat Chronic Disease and Cancer

As a patient at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine and Dr. Maggie Gama's, she will work with you step by step, personally, closely and share everything so that you are always aware of the advanced proven methods used, the facts that support the science and the mindset and lifestyle necessary to create lasting change.

IV Therapies are also provided to patients seeking integrative approach to their chronic illness and cancer. Patients can attain the benefit of auto-immune support while undergoing treatment.

To learn more about Dr. Maggie Gama, Synergy Lifestyle Medicine and their integrative medicine approach, along with their free patient education events to support the power of patient choice log on to www.SynergyLifestyleMedicine.Com