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Sunny Solar discusses why going solar is a no brainer

Posted at 7:40 AM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 14:26:33-04

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What is it about Solar? Again and again I hear that Solar is a "No Brainer". There is no doubt that it is good for Mother Earth. An average sized 30 year solar system is estimated to save the equivalent of CO2 from 231 tons of coal, Driving a car 567,000 miles, or 273 acres of forest. If you're not in it for the environment then you may be interested in it for the savings!

So why not? What keeps people from going Solar? I think the #1 reason homeowners don't do solar is that they simply don't realize how efficient & beneficial solar has advanced and evolved. For example: With all things considered Energy cost less when produced at your house compared to the out dated production & delivery methods of electric companies. There is still misconceptions of liens on homes & difficulty in transferring ownership. A lot of homeowners think they have to purchase equipment with upfront cost. These are all negative misconceptions of what solar was and what it has evolved to.

Whether you are interested in saving this beautiful planet or lowering your energy bill, there are lots of options on "How to do Solar". There are lots of good companies that do solar, but not every company is going to have the tools to "Do Solar" the way you want to. That's why has decided to affiliate with the best and most notable Solar Companies in the industry. Through their consultative process they will educate you with multiple company specific options and pricing available so you don't have to waste time meeting with multiple solar sales representatives to get the information you need. Sunny Solar's purpose is to make Solar simple by being your one stop shop advocate. You can trust them to educate you with the right product that fits your needs and financial goals.

If you're looking for NO Cost Installation, Sunny Solar has your options. If you're looking for Federal and State Tax rebates, which are currently at 30% Sunny Solar has your options. If you're not looking to own and are interested in a lease, Sunny Solar has your options. If you live in an older home and are looking to package a new roof and solar system, Sunny Solar has your options. If your electric provider is SRP or APS, Sunny Solar has the options for you.

Reach out to Sunny Solar today to see what Solar can do for you.